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The Northwestern Weight Loss
Transformation Program

Unlock the potential of your transformation and shape the physique you’ve long envisioned. Our exclusive 6-month Transformation Program is your guide to a revitalized and more self-assured version of yourself.

Following your consultation with Dr. Vinay, the initiation of the process is readily available for most individuals. The core of this Program involves expert guidance from our dedicated medical professionals, accessible around the clock. It also includes personalized dosage prescriptions, as well as minimal adjustments to your dietary and exercise routines.

Individuals who embrace the straightforward yet impactful steps outlined in our program have achieved remarkable outcomes, as detailed in the testimonials below. Anticipate shedding more than 10% of your total body weight within the span of 6 months. Should you seek further progress, participating in the program twice can result in a weight loss of 20% from your initial body weight.

Embrace a transformation that endures, revel in your newfound appearance, and rejuvenate your well-being. Secure your consultation today, marking the first stride towards revealing your ultimate self.

When we look better, we feel better. We have a better attitude. We’re able to kind of look at life a little bit differently. I think this treatment plan is a great tool for people of all shapes and sizes.

Kendall G.


What you need to know about
losing weight with Northwestern

A widely recognized tool employed by celebrities, the medication we endorse in our Transformation Program has demonstrated remarkable and scientifically substantiated outcomes. It delivers an exceptionally efficacious remedy for 88% of patients, without inducing any sensations of restlessness. On a standard scale, individuals utilizing this self-administered medication shed 20 pounds within a span of just 20 weeks. Moreover, those who undergo the program twice within a year achieve a remarkable average weight loss of 35 pounds.

With such encouraging results, you can have confidence that not only is it impactful, but also a dependable option for your weight loss journey. Further insights about our medication are available for your exploration here.

Crave less.

You’re about to witness your own transformation.

You’re naturally going to crave less. Without any dietary or
exercise regimen changes, you’re going to lose weight

Keep it off.

Say good-bye to your last 10-30 stubborn pounds.

Our doctors will help you lose weight in the safest and most sustainable way possible to ensure you keep it off.

Feel the difference.

Our patients describe looking and feeling better in their clothes, making healthier choices, and having more energy.

Our doctors will help you lose weight in the safest and most sustainable way possible to ensure you keep it off.

I reached my goal weight in only 3 months. I feel healthier and more confident than ever. I cannot recommend Northwestern Weight Loss and Dr. Vinay enough for making me believe I could do it.

Alex G.


The Process



Speak directly with the physician that will be working with you during your journey. Together you will formulate a plan based on your medical history and weight goals.



Watch the weight come off. You will treat yourself at home with check-ins with your physician at least every two weeks


Wean or Repeat

We wean your medication while maintaining your new weight. Or we can double your weight loss with 6 more months of treatment.

The Transformation Plan:

What to Expect

Instead of setting expectations of strict diets or exercise routines, our
approach focuses on getting your excess weight off and resetting.


No arduous diet changes required; our program makes it easy. You’ll naturally experience reduced cravings for food as you progress. Our focus is simple: eat protein first with each meal.


No need to engage in excessive exercise. Instead, we recommend incorporating some strength training into your routine to help maintain muscle while shedding unwanted fat.


Our aim is to help you lose weight and eventually transition off the medication. If you happen to regain some weight in the future, we can simply repeat the program and get you back on track.

This program gave me the boost I needed to start a new lifestyle. The treatment helped me control my diet and Dr. Vinay’s practical tips helped me introduce healthier habits into my life as I became more confident in my ability to loose weight. If you’re feeling like you cannot do it, you’re wrong. You just need Dr. Vinay and his team beside you.

Paris G.


“I want you to feel healthy and love your body.”

Dr. Vinay Rawlani

Dr. Vinay is a patient-first physician. That explains why you get his personal cell phone number the first time you meet him. He’s also a husband and dad to a 5-year-old with a packed schedule. His escape? Food, particularly BBQ because he loves to grill. But his past-time was not good for his weight. After dozens of failed attempts with doctors who told Dr. Vinay to drop his hobby, Dr Vinay finally lost weight using Northwestern Weight Loss’s Transformation program without sacrificing something he enjoyed.

There is likely something about losing weight that is holding you back just like Dr. Vinay. Together we can work through it. Weight loss medicine and has finally caught up and Dr. Vinay is ready to help you.

I think the portion control component for me is going to be a lifelong tool. Where I’d eat a whole sandwich before, now I eat a quarter of it and am fine. Or when I’m having a snack, I’m able to just eat a couple of bites and then put it away and then kind of come back and graze with it later. Whereas before it was just I felt like I needed so much food to be full and satisfied. And that’s just completely changed since starting with Northwestern Weight Loss.

Kendall G.




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Includes medication and 24/7 access to Dr. Vinay. Month-to-month, cancel any time.

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